Bless the School Recap


Photo: Thank you to more than 600 people who served at Bless the School last week! Thanks to your efforts, Phillis Wheatley Elementary  will be clean and shiny and ready to welcome back students and staff in August. To learn about other ways you can support our Education & Life Skills Ministry, visit appreciate your support in making Bless the School a success again this year. Hundreds of people came together to transform the environment at Wheatly Elementary by painting, cleaning, building, landscaping, laying carpet….and many more helped support those workers by baking cookies, making lunches and praying for teams throughout the week.

Because of each one of you, the students and staff  at Wheatley will return to a brighter school with some much needed improvements that will create a better learning environment throughout the entire school year and for years to come.

Here are a few highlights of the work that was completed:

  • 32,000 pounds of premium shredded tire mulch was spread on the playgrounds
  • 1,052 yards of carpet squares were installed in various classrooms, the library and office spaces
  • Yellow, purple, blue and green paint brightened walls, doors, and trim throughout the school
  • The gymatorium (multi-purpose gym/auditorium) was painted and baseboards cleaned
  • New shelves were built and installed in closets and classrooms throughout the building
  • Landscaping was cleaned up and new benches were built and installed at the front entrance
  • The parking lot got fresh paint stripes and the playground game stencils were repainted
  • Large tree murals were painted in one classroom and in the library
  • Custom collegiate logo artwork was installed in the gym

If you have any pictures you would like to share with us from the event, or if you have a story to share about how participating in Bless the School was meaningful for you, your family, small group, sports team, etc., please email to let us know about your experience.

Bless the School

More than 700 volunteers from The Church of the Resurrection and the community will be helping prepare Phillis Wheatley Elementary School for a new school year. This is the eighth year for Bless the School, a week-long project that runs Monday, June 16, through Saturday, June 21. Wheatley Elementary is located at 2415 Agnes. Volunteers will work shifts Monday through Thursday, 9 am-Noon, 1 pm-4 pm and 5:3 0pm-8:30 pm and on Friday and Saturday from 9 am-Noon and 1 pm-4 pm. Prep work to be done on June 10 from 10 am-2 pm and June 11 from 10:30 am-3 pm.

Bless the School brings members of the Resurrection congregation and the community together to assist the school with maintenance and repair tasks, such as painting, organizing, landscaping and cleaning. Managers Linda McClung, Ron Stauffer and Ann Carter have been involved since the project began in 2007, and thousands of volunteers have dedicated their time and energy to providing an environment that encourages both teachers and students. Over the years, they have also installed seven playgrounds, including one for students with special needs at Wheatley. Wheatley serves approximately 450 students, 50 of whom receive special needs education services.

“Wheatley Elementary is now the primary special needs facility within Kansas City School District and Resurrection has been a great partner for them,” says Ron Stauffer, one of the general managers for Bless the School. “Resurrection has also blessed the school with some great artists who share their time and talent by painting murals in the school; it really brightens up the library and makes the school a more fun place to be in. We’ve built two playgrounds at Wheatley and one of them is a special needs setup and those kids love it. They now have a place to be kids but also allow them to roll their wheelchairs onto a play area and have fun.”

Many of the people who volunteer with Bless the School talk about how much more they are doing than just cleaning and fixing-up the school, “I love meeting all the people that come out to help do this work. We have some of the nicest, most generous people I have ever met here at Resurrection and we actually have fun doing these projects,” says Stauffer.

“Last year, we had about 700-800 volunteers and it looks like this year our numbers will be similar to that. We have really great participation by our congregation and we work well together and for a great reason,” states Stauffer. With the help of the congregation members and many other volunteers from the community, this years’ Bless the School will be a special way to get involved with serving in Kansas City.

“When we leave a school after our work week, we walk away knowing that we built a nicer, cleaner, brighter, safer and healthier environment for the kids and everyone who uses the facility. Some organizations talk about how they will do something, we just go and do it,” says Stauffer.

To learn more about Bless the School and what you can do to help, register at

2014 Resurrection Golf Classic

This year’s golf classic and auction was held May 5, 2014 at beautiful Brookridge Golf and Fitness Club and a day of fellowship on the green was enjoyed by all.

Thanks to the generosity of our participants, we are able to add funds to the over $1,325,000 already raised for Resurrection ministries.  This year’s proceeds will again provide Resurrection seminary students with funds through the Joyce Eacock Seminary Tuition Grant Memorial Fund.

Lenten Celebration

We all know it is Holy Week and are aware of Jesus triumphal journey into Jerusalem and the events that followed.  But what we may not know are the many symbols we as Christians use during the season of Lent and Easter. At our Lenten Luncheon last week, Resurrection pastors explained some of the symbols of the meaning behind Easter.  Below you will find a few of the most common.  See if you know their symbolism.  If not, they are shown.

  • Caterpillars, Cocoons and Butterflies—the cycle of life.  Caterpillars represent earthly life, cocoons represent burial and the butterfly represents resurrection.
  • Lamb—Jesus, the Lamb of God.  His death replaced the traditional sacrificial lamb used by the Jews.
  • Rabbits—Christians observed the rabbit as it was emerging from a dark hole and bounding across the earth thus representing Jesus emerging from the tomb and the spread of the gospel across the earth.
  • Pretzels—An early Christian symbol portraying arms crossed in prayer.  Made only of flour and water and thus unleavened, they could be eaten during Lent.  They were probably first made by monks as an edible teaching tool.
  • New Clothing for Easter—Early Christians put on new clothes after they had been baptized to represent their new life.
  • Eggs, Seeds and Bulbs—Their exterior appears to be hard and lifeless, though new life is contained within.
  • Grass, Flowers, New Plants—Resurrection of life that had appeared lifeless.
  • Silver coin—Judas’ betrayal.
  • Dice—The soldiers gambled for Jesus’ robe.
  • Thorns—Used to make a crown that was placed on Jesus’ head while he suffered on the cross.

As Jesus often used symbols to identify secular things with Christian meanings, so may you use these symbols to show your faith.  Happy Easter!

Capital Campaign Announcement

This weekend we announced the grand total to our 10,000 Reasons capital campaign. Our goal was 60 million and you all raised $63,219,562.42. We are blessed that so many of you decided to sacrifice not for a building, but for a mission to change lives for generations to come.

Campus Sermons 2/23

Watch or listen to sermons from this past last weekend from Resurrection West, Resurrection Downtown and Resurrection Blue Springs.

Resurrection West 

In last weekend’s sermon, Pastor Jason looks at Paul and Timothy, mentorship, and accountability to the mission God is calling us too. We will again hear from our former Chiefs players as they share who some of who their mentors were coming up, how those mentoring relationships changed their decision-making and ultimately who they are as disciples and servant leaders today.

Resurrection Downtown 
This weekend in worship Rez DT are continued in their series of sermons on [real]ationships. We’ll be focusing on the relationships shared between families and specifically between parents and their children.

Resurrection Blue Springs

Blue Springs continued in their sermon series, Not a Spectator Sport, where they’ve been exploring the team-building concepts employed by Jesus and his followers through the lens of sports, where we see many of them displayed. You can download and listen to the message here.

Campus Sermons from 2/9/14

If you are looking for a little midweek inspiration, check out the previous weekend’s sermons from Resurrection Downtown Blue Springs, and Resurrection West.

Resurrection West

Are you feeling a little depressed that football is over? Are you still feeling the sting of a particular AFC Wild Card game that shall never be mentioned in the confines of Kansas City? Pastor Jason Gant at West has you covered. His new sermon series at West, “Get in the Game” kicked off last week, and and over the next month you might recognize a few of his interview guests.

Resurrection Downtown 

Pastor Scott Chrostek and Todd Maberry will be leading a sermon series this month at Rez Downtown on [real]ationships. Each week they will spend time talking about our dating relationships, our relationships in marriage, the relationships between parents and children and our relationships within this community and how we relate with the city. Check out the first sermon below.


Resurrection Blue Springs

Resurrection Blue Springs launched a sermon series that explores team building principles from Jesus and his followers – principles we often see paralleled in the world of sports. You can download the audio version of the sermon here.

Souper Sunday!

It’s “Souper” Sunday.  Before you tune your TV to the XLVIII Super Bowl, help us fight hunger by participating in the “Souper” Bowl Food Drive.

Don’t miss today’s prayer tip on transformation at

If you can’t worship at one of our campuses today, join us online for Pastor Adam’s sermon at 10:45 am or 4 pm [1 hour earlier than usual due to the Super Bowl] at

Ava’s Angels

avapicNo one would argue, this winter has been cold in Kansas City.  Records have been broken, deaths have occurred, travel has been interrupted, schools have closed.  Most of us though have stayed in the warmth of our home or ventured out only in our heaviest of coats, scarves, gloves, hats and boots. We are blessed to have these resources.

But one ten year-old in our congregation and her friends have blessed others.  Ava attended worship three years ago and heard Rev. Hamilton talk about Share the Warmth, a Resurrection mission project to provide outer wear for those in need.  That night when her mother put her to bed she told her mother that she wanted to “leave a legacy, make a difference and be remembered when she was gone.”  And she wanted to do this by collecting coats, scarves, gloves, blankets and hats for the homeless and others in need.

Encouraged by her parents, but not orchestrated by them or any other adults, Ava and her Angels (eleven good friends) developed a plan.  A script was written to use when contacting neighbors door to door and she prepared thank you packages of hugs and kisses candy to deliver to donors with the note, “Hugs and kisses from the homeless.”

As a result of their efforts, 111 new and gently used coats were collected that first year by Ava’s Angels in their neighborhood and the neighborhood across the street.  A local cleaner was contacted who provided their services, thus the clothing was cleaned and the girls joyfully presented them to Geanie Meyer, volunteer Collections’ Ministry Coordinator at Resurrection.

But the story does not end here.  The next year, the same mission was carried out even though Ava was wearing a plastic bag over her recently broken foot.  And the results that year brought in 151 coats as the girls increased their goals.  But this past year, one change was needed.  An additional neighborhood was added.  The result: over 400 coats were collected.

Although the shy 8 year old who has now turned 10, wants no credit and gives thanks to her friends for spreading the word.  This has resulted in a drop-off bin placed on her front porch. She has received donations individuals at her school and even a brownie troop collecting coats for Ava’s Angels.

Ava and her friend’s excitement increases when Geanie Meyer is able to tell them where their clothing went—sometimes agencies in KC or specific schools and elsewhere in the United States.  And Ava mentions that this past year they knew a family who had lost every thing so she made sure they were given coats too.

According to Ava, she just wants to help people and it makes it all the better that she is able to do it with her friends.   And you can hear the excitement in her voice when she also talks about next year when these highly motivated and incredibly kind young girls will do it all over again!

If you wish to donate coats to Ava’s Ministry, take them to the collection point at the church and specify that it is for Ava’s Angels.