If you are looking for a little midweek inspiration, check out the previous weekend’s sermons from Resurrection Downtown Blue Springs, and Resurrection West.

Resurrection West

Are you feeling a little depressed that football is over? Are you still feeling the sting of a particular AFC Wild Card game that shall never be mentioned in the confines of Kansas City? Pastor Jason Gant at West has you covered. His new sermon series at West, “Get in the Game” kicked off last week, and and over the next month you might recognize a few of his interview guests.

Resurrection Downtown 

Pastor Scott Chrostek and Todd Maberry will be leading a sermon series this month at Rez Downtown on [real]ationships. Each week they will spend time talking about our dating relationships, our relationships in marriage, the relationships between parents and children and our relationships within this community and how we relate with the city. Check out the first sermon below.


Resurrection Blue Springs

Resurrection Blue Springs launched a sermon series that explores team building principles from Jesus and his followers – principles we often see paralleled in the world of sports. You can download the audio version of the sermon here.