Watch or listen to sermons from this past last weekend from Resurrection West, Resurrection Downtown and Resurrection Blue Springs.

Resurrection West 

In last weekend’s sermon, Pastor Jason looks at Paul and Timothy, mentorship, and accountability to the mission God is calling us too. We will again hear from our former Chiefs players as they share who some of who their mentors were coming up, how those mentoring relationships changed their decision-making and ultimately who they are as disciples and servant leaders today.

Resurrection Downtown 
This weekend in worship Rez DT are continued in their series of sermons on [real]ationships. We’ll be focusing on the relationships shared between families and specifically between parents and their children.

Resurrection Blue Springs

Blue Springs continued in their sermon series, Not a Spectator Sport, where they’ve been exploring the team-building concepts employed by Jesus and his followers through the lens of sports, where we see many of them displayed. You can download and listen to the message here.