Photo: Thank you to more than 600 people who served at Bless the School last week! Thanks to your efforts, Phillis Wheatley Elementary  will be clean and shiny and ready to welcome back students and staff in August. To learn about other ways you can support our Education & Life Skills Ministry, visit appreciate your support in making Bless the School a success again this year. Hundreds of people came together to transform the environment at Wheatly Elementary by painting, cleaning, building, landscaping, laying carpet….and many more helped support those workers by baking cookies, making lunches and praying for teams throughout the week.

Because of each one of you, the students and staff  at Wheatley will return to a brighter school with some much needed improvements that will create a better learning environment throughout the entire school year and for years to come.

Here are a few highlights of the work that was completed:

  • 32,000 pounds of premium shredded tire mulch was spread on the playgrounds
  • 1,052 yards of carpet squares were installed in various classrooms, the library and office spaces
  • Yellow, purple, blue and green paint brightened walls, doors, and trim throughout the school
  • The gymatorium (multi-purpose gym/auditorium) was painted and baseboards cleaned
  • New shelves were built and installed in closets and classrooms throughout the building
  • Landscaping was cleaned up and new benches were built and installed at the front entrance
  • The parking lot got fresh paint stripes and the playground game stencils were repainted
  • Large tree murals were painted in one classroom and in the library
  • Custom collegiate logo artwork was installed in the gym

If you have any pictures you would like to share with us from the event, or if you have a story to share about how participating in Bless the School was meaningful for you, your family, small group, sports team, etc., please email to let us know about your experience.