Discover Resurrection is a one time gathering, designed to help people understand what it means to be a Christian and the role of the church, all within the context of being a United Methodist. The next Discover Resurrection event is this Sunday at 12:45 pm in room 2209 in the West Building. We talked with Melanie Hill to give us a preview of the event.

Can you describe what people can expect at Discover Resurrection?

Discover Resurrection is meant to be a casual, informal time to come and meet new people.  We have a light lunch that is provided with it. We spend a little bit of time talking about the roots of Methodism and Resurrection. We will be watching a video of Pastor Hamilton talking about why he became a Methodist. We also spend some time talking about ministries and how you get connected. That part runs about 90 minutes and then we will have an optional tour of the facilities at the end.

Who is the event open to?

It’s open to anyone. Half of people who come are first time visitors and then half have been coming for a while and want to know what’s the first step to get connected.

What is your favorite part about Discover Resurrection?

My favorite part is when we start talking about the ministries and talk about how we get people connected to either opportunities to serve or learning events.  We want people to come and get a feel for the culture and what is really important here. A little bit of the history of how we got started and how we got to where we are today.

You can register for Sunday’s event here