How awesome is it to be able to say, “Someone prayed for me today.”  This is what will happen at the Thankful Day of Prayer Vigil & Prayer Walk on November 26th on the Leawood Campus.  Starting at 6:00 a.m. in the Wesley Chapel, members and friends will be able to pray throughout the day for every member of the church and their families.

Upon entering the chapel, everyone will be given a list with approximately 30 families’ names on it for which they are asked to pray.  Children’s names are included with their parents and only names without addresses or other identifiable information is included.

Prayer guides are distributed, so those hesitant to offer their own words of prayer will have help.  Also, as a gift to all, dinner prayers for the holidays, along with hymns and Psalms will be distributed for attendees to take home.

For those who find additional peace and tranquility in nature, they may follow the church’s prayer walk rather than begin in the chapel.  They too will be offered helpful materials to enhance their journey and will conclude their walk in the Wesley Chapel where they will also be given names of parishioners to pray for.  Along the prayer walk, everyone will pass the church’s Prayer Wall where their individual prayers can be written and left in the cervices just like it is done at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

This year’s walking guide is based upon the fall sermon series “Messages from the Wilderness.”  Reflections will include scripture and prayers about the lives and experiences of the biblical characters Ruth, David, Elijah, Joseph and Hagar as they walked through the wilderness.

As another way to offer thanksgiving, an old-fashioned hymn sing will take place during the noon hour in the Wesley Chapel.  Led by Lance Winkler, director of contemporary worship, requests for particular hymns will be taken.

Based upon past years vigils, the number of those attending have been sufficient for all parishioners to be prayed for a minimum of two times.

Also, based upon experience, this day of prayer has been received well by small groups who have the opportunity to pray together.  As well, families find it an added blessing to pray as a family.  It is further a great way to introduce children to coming to church and praying without a pastor leading the prayer.

The Prayer Vigil will end at 10:00 p.m. and the Prayer Walk will close at 6:00 p.m.  No set amount of time to pray is expected.  All are welcome to join in this experience of Thanksgiving and to offer their praise and gratitude for God’s presence in our lives.