Next Tuesday on July 23, Group Life Director Chris Folmsbee is leading the class, “Embracing Honesty: Stuff Christians Think but Don’t Say.” The class will take place at 6:30 pm at the Leawood Campus Student Center. We talked with Chris about the topics he will be exploring.

What are some of the spiritual issues that this class can help people with?

A lot of times it is not even the deep theological questions that people struggle with. I get people who will confess to me that they haven’t touched their Bible in three months or that sometimes they get bored in church. There are all types of things we think but don’t say as Christians. I think we can help each other if we can get a couple hundred people in the same room to realize that they aren’t alone.  Maybe we can have some honest conversation about these issues and we can grow from them.

Is this class for people at all different places in their spiritual journey?

Yes, we will be covering questions from all over the map. Last night I had a conversation with a lady about the validity of Jesus being God.  She has been a Christ follower for much of her life and that is something she struggles with. She said she knows that Jesus was alive and a person, but how do we really know he was God?  I also hear from people who wonder if they have ever really felt the Holy Spirit. We’ll be covering these types of topics as well.

How important is it for someone to honestly assess where they are in their spiritual journey and the challenges they face to growing deeper in their faith?

One of the more important aspects of becoming a deeply committed Christian is knowing where you’re at. And it’s fine to be at that spot, but it’s not okay to stay there. How do we continue on the journey if we are unwilling to embrace our questions and shortcomings. If we’re not willing to do that, then we are limiting our growth to becoming deeply committed Christians.