Read up on everything from all of the weekly enotes to our mission team’s adventures overseas. Also be sure to attend worship this weekend as Reverend Anne Williams delivers a powerful sermon: Facing the Unexpected with Sarah.

Pastor Adam Hamilton’s weekly enote: “I'm writing from the Cotswold area in England where I've spent the last week in a beautiful and very tiny village first built in the 1100's. It is the most quiet, relaxing, idyllic place I've ever stayed. I've been writing about 7 hours a day, then playing, walking, praying and eating with LaVon the rest of the time. Today, as you are reading this, I'm taking a day off from writing and we're exploring Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare's hometown. I've been posting pictures each day. Click on this link to go to my Facebook page and then click on the pictures for descriptions.” Read more here.

Pastor Penny Ellwood’s weekly enote: “Last Sunday evening, we had our Special Baptism Service at the Scott's backyard pool.  I'll have to confess, even as I planned it, I was a little concerned that it wouldn't feel "holy," baptizing people in a swimming pool.  But I was wrong.  When I saw over thirty of you there to support the six adults and children that were being baptized and when I prayed God's blessing over the waters, it felt holy. And when Geri threw her arm up in the air and shouted, "Wooh!, after I had baptized her, it was a joy-filled, holy moment.  Congratulations to those who were baptized: Mike Ash, Olivia Ash, Alison Mathes, Tim Mathes, LaShaine Reynolds and Geri Venable.” Read more here.

Pastor Scott Chrostek’s weekly enote:  “I hope you are having a great week in Kansas City! I am writing you this week in Honduras with a team from RezDowntown. I arrived here on Saturday and joined up with a Resurrection team in La Ciudad Espana. I had the privilege of speaking in front of 75 church leaders and telling them stories about our Christian community in KC. From there, I traveled two hours and joined up with our downtown team in Donli. We have been building stoves, playing soccer with the kids, and drinking some fantastic coffee ever since. We have been so blessed and I hope you might consider traveling in mission. Our team returns this Saturday and I am looking forward to joining you in worship on Sunday, as we won't be having our Saturday evening service due to a previously scheduled wedding. Given the connectivity here is only so so, I will cut it short today, but I hope to see you soon, I hope those of you heading to the Resurrection night at the ballpark have a great evening and I pray that God continues to bless you this week and into the weekend!” Read more here.

Pastor Jason Gant’s weekly enote: “Let me begin by saying thank you for responding to God's call and taking every single school supply bag for Ridgeview Elementary this past Sunday. Jennifer Cutler, who coordinates this effort, said that was the best response she's ever seen! Many of you asked if there were any more and we will have additional bags available this Sunday.” Read more here

GPS Daily Insights Archive:

Monday's GPS Blog from Jeanna Repass: “This coming school year two of my children will be seniors. My oldest son will be a college senior and my only daughter will be a high school senior – both are scheduled to graduate in May just days apart. I am very proud of both of them. But as all parents do I worry. Mostly at this time I worry about whether or not I have prepared them for the next stage of their life. Adam will in all likelihood put down his football cleats and pads forever and begin his journey as a “real” adult – working, paying bills, getting married to a nice Christian woman (a mother can only hope!). Ariel will be leaving the nest and going to college at least eight hours away or farther as there is as possibility of her attending a University on the East coast (a mother can only cry…) Read more here.

Tuesday's GPS Blog from Shawn Simpson: “Five or six years ago I felt an urging to do something more “worthwhile” than what I was doing at the time.  I’d worked really hard to build some form of a career and having that little voice telling me that it was a waste was disconcerting, to say the least.  When I could ignore it no more, I just had to throw myself down on God’s will…which is to say that the industry I’d worked so hard in had finally slid down to the point that I just didn’t want to do it anymore.  I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and I needed something more to get that back.” Read more here.

Wednesday’s GPS Blog from Rev. Steven Blair: “This past weekend, Bishop Will Willimon presented this question:  “Do you know what it is like to be saved in a way that you don’t want, by a Savior you didn’t think you needed?”  This Scripture is about a man named Naaman who can answer that question.” Read more here.

Thursday’s GPS Blog from Rev. Glen Shoup: “The crux of today’s reading (verses 17-24) might be best understood as a picture of the joy that comes from seeing and experiencing salvation. “ Read more here

Friday’s GPS Blog from Bryan Cisler: “My favorite part of last Sunday’s sermon was when Bishop Will Willimon began describing the possible Samaritans in our life. These are the people who we couldn’t possibly imagine helping us in dire situations.  He listed off names such as the president of the NRA, members of the Kansas legislature, and the leaders of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance.  I saw a few people shifting in their seats. There was some uncomfortable laughter. Those are names and groups who are associated with sensitive issues. As I walk out of the sanctuary after that type of sermon I always like to think that I am one of the well-balanced Christians who strives to see gray in a world of black and white. That always lasts until I get to my car and turn on talk radio  ….” Read more here

Resurrection Stories Recap:

Embracing Honest Preview: Stuff Christians Think but Don’t Say: “Next Tuesday on July 23, Group Life Director Chris Folmsbee is leading the class, “Embracing Honesty: Stuff Christians Think but Don’t Say.” The class will take place at 6:30 pm at the Leawood Campus Student Center. We talked with Chris about the topics he will be exploring.” Read more here:

Caregiver Class Preview: “We interviewed Reverend Karla Woodward about next week's Caregiver Support Group class. The class meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 2 pm in Room 221.  The next next class is July 23.” Read more here:

July 20 Faithwork Preview: “We talked with Missions Entry Points Program Director Stewart Curtright about some of this Saturday's FaithWork opportunities. To see the full list go to  FaithWork is Resurrection’s entry point into serving locally and provides a meaningful way to serve God by serving others.” Read more here.

Missions Blogs Recap

Honduras Blog: “The July 8th team spent their final weekend doing dental work, preparing for the school, and co-leading an Invitational Evangelism training for the lay leaders that came from Methodist Churches all over Honduras.  Scott, a member of the July 13th team, joined the 2nd half of the training to lead a portion of living missionally daily.  Below are some pictures from this jointly led weekend of training and worship!” Read more here.

Malawi Blog: Look at photos from our latest team’s trip to Malawi  here.