Pastor Steven Blair talks about Congregational Care’s new program - Live Forward. The new Thursday night program will be replacing Celebrate Recovery on September 5. Learn more at

Who is Live Forward for?

Live Forward is for anybody who is stuck in either a hurt or a habit that they want to move past.  This is a program that will help people  live forward and into the  new future that God wants for them.

How are classes in Live Forward divided up?

Newcomers can attend whatever class they want on their first week but we will recommend they start with The Essentials class. This crash course will introduce them to the basics of handling hurts and changing habits. Participants will receive a teaching followed by a time for gender divided groups to discuss the content. Topics will include “Boundaries,” “The Addiction Cycle,” and “What God Does and Does Not Do,” among others. Every eight weeks, the set of lessons will repeat.

There will be a new Healing Hurts Class offered.  It will be divided by gender.  These classes are for those whose main presenting need is some hurt that is keeping them from the life God wants for them. These classes will deal with sadness, loneliness, self esteem issues, loss, and other hurts.

For those who are trying to change habits, what classes are offered for them?

We will offer four 12 Step Groups. These groups can help you with your habits by offering the 12 Step Method and the support of others who are traveling the same path as you. If you are just beginning your sobriety, we suggest you start with a 12 Step Group.

We will also have a group called SMART Recovery which is almost the opposite of a 12 Step Group. It is based on a psychological-educational type material and processing possible triggers.

What other groups will be offered at Live Forward?

Beginning in late fall, We will also be offering an Intensive Sexual Addiction Group. These discussion groups are led by a therapist trained in the topic of sexual addiction.  One class will be for men struggling with a sexual addiction and another class will be for women whose male partner is struggling with a sexual addiction.   Registration is required for these classes.

We are also very excited about offering the first Spanish 12 Step Class at Resurrection. It is called Vida Renovada which will be targeted to Spanish speaking women. The teachers are great and they speak Spanish fluently. It will be one of the few Spanish speaking 12 Step Groups in the area.

Do you have to be a certain age to attend Live Forward?

Live Forward will include ages from 18 and above and then classes will be divided by gender. There will also be a class called Propel which is Live Forward for high school students. This will begin on September 5th, the same as all other Live Forward classes.

What will the size be of these classes?

Most of these groups will be between 8 to 18 people across the board. I imagine the Essentials class and Healing Hurts classes may be a little larger. The leaders of Celebrate Recovery will continue to be leaders of the 12 Step Groups in Live Forward. We are recruiting other leaders to lead the Hurts groups.

Can you explain the format of the class?

Live Forward begins on September 5th and meets every Thursday. The schedule is:

Dinner: 5:30-6:30 pm
Worship: 6:30-7:20 pm
Small Groups: 7:30-8:30 pm
Fellowship: 8:30-9 pm

Do you have to register for the classes?

There is no registration needed to attend worship or the small groups. The only ones that require registration are the ones relating to sexual addiction or short term studies. Those are all closed groups and everything else is open. There is also the option to join us for worship or small groups if they want. It allows people to connect in ways that feels more comfortable.

Is there free childcare?

There is also free child care for children six months through fifth grade.  They can call 913-544-0285 or email to make a reservation. They have to call before Thursday to receive childcare.