Editor's Note: Listen to audio from last week's Live Forward message here.

By: Rev. Steven Blair

If my thumb was swollen, I suspect that none of you would tell me it was swollen because I was praying the wrong way, not trying hard enough, or that God was punishing me/teaching me a lesson.  You would likely say "That looks like it hurts and then offer sympathy."  I have learned from Dr. Stephen Ilardi that

A depressed brain is an inflamed brain. 

It is measurably swollen, just like swollen thumb and for the same reason.  An injury has happened and the body is trying to heal it.  I share this with all of you because depression is a physical condition that lies underneath many of our repeated habits and hurts.   There is an event happening at Resurrection this Saturday which explains the biological basis to it.   Dr. Stephen Ilardi is a professor at The University of Kansas and was featured at the TED Talks in Kansas City.  He will be speaking this Saturday Morning from 10:00-12:30pm in the Student Center.   I will be hosting the event with Dr. Ilardi leading it.  You will need to register at www.cor.org/fightdepression.   If you would like to register for an 8 week Depression class based on Dr. Ilardi's work, you can register for that class at www.cor.org/livewell.

The odds are you either have depression or you love someone who does.  I cannot overstate how important and helpful the information Dr. Ilardi has to share.  You can catch a short glimpse here. 

I hope to see as many of you as possible this Saturday morning.

This Thursday we will examine the parts where the Hurt Cycle and Habit Cycle speed up and start spiraling out of control.  Among other details, you will learn about the role of dopamine and how it impacts our behaviors.  We will also look at the practical tools that Jesus offers us to live forward instead of staying stuck.  I hope you can come along Thursday Night. (This week we will have our first FREE catered dinner beginning at 5:30. The meal will be: Beef enchilada casserole, refried beans, spanish rice, tossed green salad, tortilla chips, salsa, homemade churros and sopapillas..  Beginning October 10, catered meals will occur weekly.)

Dinner 5:30-6:30pm (Student Center in East Building)
Worship 6:30-7:20 pm (Student Center in East Building)
Small Groups 7:30-8:30pm (In Rooms Announced in Bulletins)

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Steven Blair