By  Jennifer Ross

In 1999 when my family moved to Overland Park and we were looking for a church home, one of the main reasons my family chose Church of the Resurrection was because the church offered a special needs ministry.  We did not need the services, but as a  trained special educator, I knew that a church that valued serving this population would be a place that our family could become actively involved.  I had no idea that a few years later, I would become the program director for Matthew’s Ministry.

Families that have children with special needs need church, just like the rest of us.  Many of these families need respite and support. According to some reported statistics, divorce rate for these families is between 70-80%.  The main reasons stated are increased demands on the parents (usually the mom, but not always) and added stress of doctors, therapies, education, life planning and on it goes.  What a blessing to be able to offer care, special classes, support groups and respite nights to the families involved in Matthew’s Ministry

Click on the image to read to read about the statistics of children with special needs.

Thank you Church of the Resurrection for ministering to families that care for someone with special needs. For more information on Matthew's Ministry visit here.