Sunday links

Check out out today’s prayer blog at Also check out Pastor Adam’s sermon online at 10:45 and 5 pm at

Sunday Links

Check out out today’s prayer blog at Also check out Pastor Adam’s sermon online at 10:45 and 5 pm at

Christmas Eve Offering Results

This year you helped demonstrate Christ’s love by giving generously to the Candlelight Christmas Eve offering. You gave $1,040,000, all of which will help low income children here in Kansas City and to help prevent or treat Malaria in children in Africa.

Holiday Toy Drive at Grace United

Grace United Community Ministries at 8th and Benton in Kansas City, MO whets the appetites’ for children to learn more at their after school tutoring program. The big event recently was the holiday toy drive that was sponsored by Resurrection volunteers. Parents of...

Live Forward Update January 2nd, 2014

We hope you had a great Christmas. The New Year comes with certain thoughts about both the previous year and the one just beginning.   We are having a one week sermon series about how to bridge the two years effectively.  We will be using a piece by Catholic...

Caregivers Class

Caregiving takes time.  Caregiving takes patience.  Caregiving takes strength.  Sometimes the caregiver depletes the time, patience and strength they need and thus need and deserve support and encouragement themselves.  This support and encouragement is offered...

Troost Thank You

Resurrection and Troost Elementary wants to thank all the volunteers who helped build a brand new playground at Troost Elementary this fall after the older one was burnt down last year. troost-thank-you-final from Church of the Resurrection on Vimeo.

Vida Renovada

More than 38,000 Hispanics live in Johnson County with very few outlets for those seeking therapy. A problem or an opportunity? For Isabel Moya, she saw this as a chance to create Resurrection’s first-ever congregational care program targeting Spanish-speaking women....