Check out The Church of the Resurrection’s 12th Annual Car Show and Expo on Saturday, July 13, from 9 am - 1 pm in the Leawood Campus parking lot. We talked with Car Show organizer Brian Dale to get an inside look at the event.

IMG_0167What kind of cars should people expect to see on Saturday?

In the past we have attracted cars from all different eras. We get them from pre-World War II, 1960s, 1970s, to even current models. If there is any one area we get more of, it is probably sports cars and muscle cars.  Although, we get cars from all different eras and that makes us unique.

What unique cars that you’ve seen at past car shows?

You certainly see Model Ts and Model As. We had some competition dragsters show up two years ago, so that was really interesting - the kids really liked that.

What have been your favorite cars from previous Resurrection Car Shows?

My personal favorite isn’t a brand of car or style, but a car that has been in somebody’s family for years. It was somebody’s grandfather’s car or truck and it got passed down to them. Many times they have kept the cars in almost mint condition, and it is their pride and joy. There are lots of cars that have come to our show and they have been in somebody’s family since the 1950s.  The stories that go along with those cars are just amazing.

Where do proceeds from the Car Show go? 

Hope Center of Kansas City receives 100 percent of the proceeds. The program serves at-risk youth who are paired with mentors to help them with their school work and to make good choices in life.  

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