We talked with Sherree Reece to give you everything you want to know about the upcoming Sacred Steps 5K Run/Walk that takes place on September 28th.  The basic facts: The race starts at 8 am, and it costs $25 if you register before September 25th, and it’s $30 afterwards. All proceeds raised from the Sacred Steps 5K run/Walk will go directly to address the needs of those living in poverty in the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC) and all those living in Africa. Sign up and learn more information at www.cor.org/sacredsteps

What are the prizes that different participants can win?

If you are in the top spots for yomedalsur age group we have medals that were made in Africa at the Hillcrest AIDS Centre. They are beaded medals with a runner on them. We have gold, silver, and bronze for the three categories. Most years we have a little gift card that goes with it from a donor. In the top overall female and male, we have some top wood carvings that were made in Malawi. One was a cheetah that is going to the top male runner. The other is a gazelle that is going to the top female runner.

How many people do we have signed up right now?

We currently have about 582 signed up. We have about 1,200 every year so we have a lot of people registering in the last week and a half. Last year we raised around $12,000 in proceeds. Our next deadline coming up is September 22nd, which is the cutoff date to receive a t-shirt.

For those in it to win it, what are the average times that have won in the past for each age group?

Female 2 to 14: 21:26           Male 2 to 14: 18:39
Female 15 to 19: 24:00        Male 15 to 19:  22:55
Female 20 to 24: 18:38       Male 20 to 24: 18:17
Female 25 to 29: 22:31        Male 25 to 29: 20:03
Female 30 to 34: 20:47       Male 30 to 34: 16:29
Female 35 to 39: 24:03       Male 35 to 39: 16:12
Female 40 to 44: 21:19        Male 40 to 44: 20:06
Female 45 to 49: 24:21        Male 45 to 49: 18:34
Female 50 to 54: 23:32       Male 50 to 54: 20:04
Female 55 to 59: 23:03       Male 55 to 59: 22:58
Female 60 to 69: 32:27       Male 60 to 70: 22:07
Female 70 and over: 36:17 Male 65 to 70 and over: 25:00
Male 70 and over: 28:00

What projects do these funds go to support?

The proceeds will help provide funds for the church-sponsored HIV/AIDS center where critical counseling services, testing supplies and treatment are offered. We will also provide education on neo-natal resuscitation to save the lives of more babies. The funds will also provide clean water for students, faculty, and patients at the medical university.

What other interesting stories have you seen in previous years?

Last year we had a gentleman who was in his 90’s who was participating in it.

This year we are going to have a live band, Aaron’s Branch.  Also, one of our partner schools is Quindaro Elementary and they have a track team here and members of Resurrection are paying for registration and they are going to come out and run.

Linked here is the route of the course. Any tips on how navigate the course or the race in general?

Start out slow – most racers start out too fast and build lactic acid which will slow them down.  If you warm up before the race, you can start out faster.  If not, you will need to warm up as part of the race.  After the first half mile, you can start picking up your pace.  Your goal will be to run a faster mile 3 than a faster mile 1.

Whether it be training for this year or thinking about ways to get better connected in 2014, how can the TeamRez 5k Health Challenge help you train and get in better shape?

It is a free 8-week training program. You get a weekly email and it has information about eating habits, healthy living, running tips, scriptures and stories. All the feedback we have gotten is it has helped encourage them to stick with the program whether it is hot or it is raining and it encourages people to get out there and run. Learn more about that program here.

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