On September 21st, Church of the Resurrection presents their 55 piece orchestra, handbell choir and over 150 voices with a variety of works to the Kauffman Center.  We talked with Kevin Bogan about the event. Kevin has been the Director of Traditional Worship at Resurrection since 2004.

The Kauffman Center is one of the more talked about performance venues in the country, what does it mean for Resurrection to be performing there?

We knew we always wanted to perform here. We wanted to get our music more downtown and into the big parts of Kansas City where people in the arts can hear what is going on in our church. We will be in Helzberg Hall which is the same place where the Kansas City Symphony plays.

How will the acoustics of the Kauffman Center enhance the music?

Helzberg Hall is a much smaller room than the sanctuary and it seats about 1,700 people so the acoustical sounds are generated from non amplified sound. You can hear the sound that is coming out of the instruments and the choir. You will hear sound differently in that room than you will ever hear in our sanctuary. In our sanctuary the carpet deadens some of the sound. Helzberg Hall is a very live room so you will enjoy what you hear.

What songs will we be hearing at Kauffman?

It is pretty much the best of the best from Resurrection music. The whole second half of the arrangement will be works by popular composer Mack Wilberg including Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Bound for the Promised Land, Praise to the Lord the Almighty, Love Divine All Love’s Excelling and a lot more. It will be the great hymns of the church. We will finish the concert with Amazing Grace with the bagpipes which we have done several times here. We have added handbells to that so it will be a big finish. We will be doing a Christmas section because it will be Christmas before you know it.  The Chamber of Singers will be doing some of Brahms Requiem. Everyone in our music department is incredibly excited for the event.

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