We talked with Ginny Howell in missions about the upcoming Up to Serve Mission Fair. The event is a great way to learn more about the serving opportunities available through Resurrection Mission Ministries. You will have the opportunity to hear from ministry leaders about the ways Resurrection's ministries are changing lives and transforming communities. It takes place this Sunday at noon in the Narthex.

What is the purpose of this Sunday’s Up to Serve Mission Fair?

The purpose of the mission fair is to give people just a taste of different serving opportunities available. We have a variety of Beyond Kansas City, local mission and entry points serving opportunities.People can visit with leaders and sign up right there to serve. The whole point is for this to be a sampling of what our mission ministries have to offer.

What are some of the prizes people can win?

Each person will have a mission passport and as they visit different ministry tables and listen to short info sessions, their passport will be stamped after each session. People who get four or more stamps on their passport can turn that card in for a free water bottle or tote bag. With at least six stamps on their passport, they will also be entered into our grand prize drawing  to win one of three prizes: a deposit on an international mission trip ($300 value), a $50 scholarship for a youth mission trip or a chance for their family or small group to serve locally with pastor Adam.

What will the fair offer to families who want their children to be more involved in serving opportunities?

All of the children who come will get a kids mission packet which includes information about how KiDS COR engages kids in serving. There will also be information about mission trips for children and families along with some treats and fun stuff too. At each table, leaders can share information about family friendly serving and what ages are appropriate for specific serving opportunities. We want this to be a fun way  to help kids be aware of what all is going on in the church that they can be a part of.

Is there any additional information people need to know about this Sunday’s fair?

A really important thing to think about is that you can stay as long as you want; we understand that everyone has busy schedules and there is a lot going on at the church too. Confirmation kick-off is at 1:30, and families could join us for lunch after worship, visit a few info sessions and then easily head to the Student Center by 1:30. Even If you feel like you can only come for half an hour then we would still love to have you. We will have an easy, quick boxed lunch available and ministry tables will all be right in the Narthex.

Also, anybody who has been thinking about what it would be like to go on an international mission trip would have the opportunity to talk with leaders who have been to those countries and on several trips. Each of our BKC tables will have trip information and scholarship applications available.