Today’s Volunteer Spotlight features Eric Perry. Eric has been a Sunday morning teacher at KiDS COR for the last three years. He will be teaching third grade this fall.

How did you get involved in KiDS COR?

Eric: I volunteered because I thought everybody needs to do their part and they needed help. My son participates in KiDS COR so it was right in front of me every weekend. I think the thing that has been better than expected is when I went from volunteering a week or two out of the month to every week. I have become closer to the kids and I can better see the individual growth. I can see how they interact with the Bible stories and how they’re getting it more and more each time.

At KiDS COR the teacher is able to move up through the grade levels every year so they have the opportunity to continue teaching the same students. Are you able to see the development in their understanding of the Bible?

Eric: I love it because when we started three years ago we were doing arts and crafts that talk about God or Jesus without getting to Bible studies. Now we continue to get into deeper and deeper lessons so it is really fun to watch their understanding grow and see their faith deepening. You can start to see them connect how it all goes together with the Old and New Testament. I won’t say we are all the way there yet going into third grade but they are getting it more and more each year.

What’s been one of the more surprising elements of teaching at KiDS COR?

Eric: Sometimes I am shocked at how much they know. This year I asked at the beginning of one of the lessons on the New Testament if anybody knew who Paul was. One of the boys in the class just rattled off the whole story about Paul’s walk through Damascus. He was going into the scales and how Paul couldn’t see anything. I just was looking at him thinking that’s perfect and making sure everybody heard his answer.

What would you tell someone who is considering teaching KiDS COR?

Eric: I think it’s one of the best investments they can make into these kids' future faith. You can make a difference in helping these kids grow in a relationship with Christ.