Pastor Adam Hamilton’s Weekly eNote:

Dear Resurrection Family,

Just a quick note: This weekend at Leawood Chris Folmsbee will be preaching on Saturday night and Jeff Kirby on Sunday. Their emphasis will be on the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian. This is a really important message, and both of these guys are gifted teachers and preachers. Chris oversees our small group ministry. Jeff oversees men's ministries, alpha and teaches regularly in our discipleship program. You will be blessed by their messages. Resurrection Blue Springs will have a special guest preacher, Rev. Bob Farr, director of congregational excellence in the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church. Pastor Jason will preach at Resurrection West, and Pastor Scott Chrostek at Resurrection Downtown.

There will be great music in all the services, but on Sunday morning at the 7:45 and 10:45 Leawood services you'll have guest tenors Nathan Granner and Stephen Gulley. These guys are a part of the Sony Masterworks group, The American Tenors.

I'm at the Lake of the Ozarks wrapping up my Sabbatical leave this week by trying to complete the manuscript of the book I've been writing this summer called, Making Sense of the Bible. I've finished 220 pages and am hoping to complete the final 80 pages this week. Last night I was up until the wee hours making connections between the work of geologists and paleoanthropologists and the story of Noah and the Ark! Today my focus is on the Old Testament passages that portray God as vengeful, angry, and violent.

Okay, it's back to writing!


Pastor Scott Chrostek’s Weekly eNote:

“It is great to be writing you this Friday morning after what has been a great and full week within the life of our downtown community.  As a way of continuing in our sermon series entitled, 'Not In Your Wildest Dreams.'  I thought I would try to start my eNote without mentioning the weather or coffee and without writing so much that you lose sight of the invitation to join us this weekend in worship.  My hope as we look forward to Saturday and Sunday is that you would consider yourself invited and that you would also consider inviting your friends and family to join us in worship this weekend as we look at what it means to live into God's holy imagination by 'Speaking in Different Languages.'”

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Pastor Penny Ellwood’s Weekly eNote:

I'm really excited about the opportuntity we have this Sunday morning.  Rev. Bob Farr, the Director of the Center for Congregational Excellence in the Missouri Annual Conference is going to be preaching live at our campus on "The Power of Introductions."

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GPS Daily Insight

Monday’s GPS from Jeanna Repass: “I was twenty-two when I found myself sitting in the window sill seat with a yellow legal pad with a title at the top and the numbers one through ten written down the left hand side. Although my task has been to fill in all ten lines, only one number – the number 1 - had anything written next to it. As I stared at what I had written I began to cry. When it was time to share with my counselor what ten things I had written I reluctantly handed over the legal pad. She handed it back to me and told me to read it out loud.” Read more at

Tuesday’s GPS from Valerie Naas: “I consider myself to be proactive. A planner. With the many mistakes (small and great) that I’ve made in my short life, I always try my best to learn from each one. I hold an automatic internal review session with myself following nearly every action/behavior that I execute: What went well? What didn’t work? What can I do differently next time? What variables will stay the same? What might change? Thanks to having spent a great deal of time picking up the broken pieces of my mistakes, I now try to prepare myself for what’s ahead.” Read more at

Wednesday’s GPS from Steven Blair: “Tom Rath has written a New York Times Bestseller called Strength Finder.  It is based on the notion: ‘Find your strengths and then develop your strengths.”  Rath notes that when we are growing up we are actually told to focus on our weaknesses.  When we received our report cards, our attention was drawn to our worse grade.  We are encouraged, sometimes demanded, to bring that grade up.  The result is spending numerous additional hours spent on the subject which we are not naturally gifted instead of developing our greatest strength into something much stronger.   Rath comments that spending time trying to reduce our weaknesses instead of growing our strengths thwarts our ability to become extraordinary at any one thing.” Read more at

Thursday’s GPS from Liz Gyori: “My 20 year old daughter and I recently drove her car from her California school back to Kansas. I was a little anxious beforehand, worrying about the condition of her tiny car. The night before I flew to California, I dreamt that I was a passenger in my own car, and my late father was driving. We were on a highway that was suddenly covered with deep rushing water just ahead of us, and I cried out in alarm. My father told me not to worry, and steering the car quickly around the water, told me that our early start had helped us avoid the flood.” Read more at

Friday’s GPS from Bryan Cisler: “A few years ago I watched a basketball player I idolized growing up give his Hall of Fame speech.  This player was known for the way he could take the smallest personal slight and use that as ammunition to crush his opponents on the floor. I’ll admit, it was fun to watch. Can’t we all sometimes live vicariously through someone like that? Those ultra competitive characteristics likely played a part in him rising to the highest level of the sport. Plus, it was on the basketball court. It was harmless.”Read more at

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